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At A-Class Builders, we have experts on hand from every trade, meaning that we can provide comprehensive solutions for all your home improvement projects. Our services are customized according to the needs of every client and designed to suit your exact project. Choose us for your remodeling project and we’ll give a high quality, hassle-free experience.

For over a decade, A-Class Builders has helped many clients create an ideal living space to enhance their lifestyles. Through our home renovation service, we’ve brainstormed with our clients to find their ideal kinds of homes, and created functional living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and even bedrooms that are inviting and will impress them every day of their lives.

Homes are more than just a place to place to live, they are where your family enjoys time together. To ensure all members of your family are comfortable and have enough breathing space, we provide creative home additions for all kinds of homes. You can also request for skylight installation services just to add more life and save on energy costs. We have professional contractors with specialty in skylights who ensure that they are fitted right and copper flashing installed around them to prevent water from seeping through.

Roofs are an essential part of the home. Whenever we are called to diagnose or install a new one, we do it thoroughly. Our roof installation and repair contractors have got all it takes to transform your existing roof into something you can be proud of. We add character to your roof since a personal touch is the only way it can reflect the personality of people living inside your home. Whether you need tiles or a slate roof installed, get in touch with us.

The wall covers the better part of a home, which means that you want it to be beautiful and energy efficient. We value your needs and that why we provide all types of siding to enhance the looks of your home and increase the quality of life in it. A-Class Builders is also your partner when it comes to supply and installation of a kinds of windows. We also provide strong and durable doors and install them at an affordable price.

Ultimately, our work is to fix and maintain our client’s homes to improve and enhance their quality of life.


At A-Class Builders, we have experts on hand from every trade, meaning that we can provide comprehensive solutions for all your home improvement projects.

Roofing,Custom Kitchen Remodeling,Replacement Windows,Siding Installation,Door
Home & Commercial Roofing


We are a full-service company with over a decade of experience in residential and commercial roofing, gutter installation, and waterproofing in New York.With a passion for work and equipped with modern tools, our technicians will serve any problem you have with your roofing.

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Copper Flashing

We provide our clients with copper flashing because it offers beauty and durability. Copper also requires very little maintenance and improves the resale value of your home or commercial property.

Roofing,Custom Kitchen Remodeling,Replacement Windows,Siding Installation,Door


We have serviced thousands of roofs and gained unrivaled experience in the process. Our siding installation and repair company is fully insured, licensed, and bonded to ensure customer satisfaction.


We are specialize in commercial and residential door repair and replacement. We service the entire New York state including the Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn area. Our experienced and highly trained technicians have a minimum of 10 years experience in installation and repair of all types of doors in commercial and residential settings.

Roofing,Custom Kitchen Remodeling,Replacement Windows,Siding Installation,Door
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We have the best solution to your quest for reliable window repair and replacement services. We make it easier for residents of this great state to have their windows installed, repaired, cleaned, and replaced. We know many people are struggling financially, and that’s why our prices are the best you’ll find in the industry.

Roofing,Custom Kitchen Remodeling,Replacement Windows,Siding Installation,Door
slate roof

Slate Roof

We are a group of qualified craftsmen with unmatched experience and skills in slate roofing. Our specialists are so proficient in slate roofing –no matter the texture, colors, or design of the slates you require, we will not only provide them but also provide a high-quality installation service.

Roofing,Custom Kitchen Remodeling,Replacement Windows,Siding Installation,Door
home aditions , office addition


We have done additions successfully for different kinds of homes for over ten years. Whether you need to create a porch, patio, or you want to move an entire wall, we are the company to call.Our team is made of qualified architects and builders who know everything there is to know about building additions.

Roofing,Custom Kitchen Remodeling,Replacement Windows,Siding Installation,Door


We have installed skylights for a wide range of clients. We know everything about skylights and install them in a way that allows light to pass any time of the day as well as enhance the beauty of your home.

Roofing,Custom Kitchen Remodeling,Replacement Windows,Siding Installation,Door
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Our team consists of qualified designers and builders who will give you inspirational ideas and smart tips from renovations and repairs of any home. We create ideal spaces to accommodate our clients and enhance their lifestyles.

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Projects done on time

Our team will do all your projects on time ad well within the budget. You can be safe and certain about that with our company.

Always available

We’re there for you anytime you need us. Contact us for a consultation, estimate or any question you might have about your project or our work.

Professional and responsible

You can always lean onto ReConstruct. Our team of professionals will help you turn your dream home or flat into a reality fast.


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A-Class Builders, Inc., is a full service custom building corporation. We guarantee all of our work in writing. You can count on us for professional, reliable service with unsurpassed quality of work. We do everything possible to ensure what we do exceeds your expectations.

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