If you want more space in your home, you don’t necessarily have to buy a new home –you can simply choose to have an addition. If you’ve made a commitment to have an addition done to your house, you should treat it as an investment hence get a company that will enhance your property, raising its value in the process.


At A-Class Builders, we have done additions successfully for different kinds of homes for over ten years. Whether you need to create a porch, patio, or you want to move an entire wall, we are the company to call. We can build staircases, join rooms, and make complex changes on any house without causing damages to intricate sections or the deforming it shape. Our team is made of qualified architects and builders who know everything there is to know about building additions. Trust us to do a satisfactory job at your home.

Homes are a great investment. However, a poor expansion project can decrease the value of your home. A-Class Builders professionals know what it takes to create an addition to any shape and size depending on its purpose. We design beautiful spaces that work for our clients complete with custom features that they may need. A good addition should be created with material that resembles those of the original structure. We also choose finishes that resemble your home and can be easily integrated with your house’s operational systems.

Do you need a material that isn’t in the old house incorporated? Whether it is the tiles or addition on the interior walls, we shall easily facilitate that. We allow your creativity and personal taste in the project, and we will customize it to suit the existing home. Having had much success in this industry, we will help you choose what can be fitted in a newly built extension to make it blend with the original home.

If some sections of the home seem too week to support the addition, we shall be happy to renovate them for you. We always want to create lasting solutions for your needs. Therefore, we will change the elements of the old house including aluminum joinery, rotten wood, damaged roofing, and broke tiles. When moving walls, we also check the strength of the foundation and determine if re-enforcement is necessary.

If you have a busy schedule, why not create a schedule that is convenient for you? We are always ready to offer a free quote. Our professionals will analyze the project and determine all the sections that need renovations before any repairs. The final product should look like it has always been there.

With A-Class Builders by your side, you can expect nothing less than professional services from qualified builders. From sourcing for new durable materials to knocking down the walls and creating a good floor-plan, we do it all. Get in touch with us today if you need an addition constructed for your home. We will do a great job within the shortest deadline.

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